Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

Powering Green Energy

Salient Features

1. Name of the Power Station Upper Indravati Power House
2. Name of the River Indravati  
3. Location    
  (I) State odisha  
  (ii) Nearest town Bhawanipatana
  (iii) Distance 90 Kms. From Bhawanipatana
4. Total Installed Capacity    
  (i) No. of  existing Units 4 (Four)  
  (ii) Capacity of each Unit 150 MW  
  (iii)Total capacity 600 MW  
5. Reservoir / Pondage    
  i) Name of the Dam Indravati  
  ii) Type of Dam Masonary Gravity
  iii) Height of Dam 45 Mts.  
  iv) Length of Dam 539 Mts.  
  v) Catchment area 2630 Sq. Km.
  vi)  Average Annual Inflow 27070 M. Cum.
  vii)  FRL / MWL 642 mts.  
  viii)  MDDL 625 mts.  
  ix) Gross Stograge capacity 2300 Million cum
  x) Energy content at FRL 1962 M.U.  
6. Water Turbine    
  I) Number 4 (Four)  
  ii) Type Vertical Francis
  iii) Make Fuji Electric Co., Japan
  iv) Net Head    
     (I)  Maxl. Head 379 mts.  
     (ii) Minimum 358 mts.  
     (iii) Rated 360 mts.  
     (iv) Design head 360 mts.  
  v) Normal Speed 428.6 rpm  
  vi) Runaway Speed 730 rpm  
  vii) Dia of Runner 2913 mm.  
7. Tail race    
  Type of Tunnel / Channel Channel  
8. Generators    
  I)   No. of Units 4 (Four)  
  ii)  Type Synchronous
  iii) Make Fuji Electric Co;, Japan
  iv) Voltage 11 KV + 5%
  v) Frequency 50 Hz + 2%
  vi) Capacity 150 MW  
  vii) Power factor 0.9 lag  
  viii) Capacity at 100% Gate Opening 156.3 MW  
  ix) Speed 428.6rpm.  
  x) Excitation System Static