Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

Powering Green Energy
Sh Vishal Kumar Dev, IAS
Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Government, Sports & Youth
Services Department and Chairman-cum-Managing
Director, OHPC Ltd.



  • R, M & U work of Unit-1 of RHEP, Rengali was completed on 31.05.2012.
  • Tendering process for the R, M & U of Unit-5 & 6 of HHEP, Burla has benn completed and the OERC has been moved to approve the Capital Cost.
  • Tendering process for R&M works of Unit-3 of CHEP, Chiplima has been initiated.
  • The tendering process for the R&M works of the 06 (six) Units of BHEP, Balimela has been initiated.
  • After the scrutiny of PFR of HE Projects on Baitarani river (Stage I&II) LOI has been issued in favour of WAPCOS for preparation of DPR of the said two projects.
  • For the Pumped Storage Plant at UIHEP, Mukhiguda; the Techno-commercial offer has been invited from 06 Nos. of Govt. PSU for preparation of the DPR.
  • OHPC achieved record peak generation of 1820 MW on dt. 11.09.2012.
  • Upper Indravati H.E.Project achieved record daily average generation of 606.29 MW on dt. 20.09.2012


  • The sale of energy for FY 2011-12 (4837.098 MU including CSEB) is more that of FY 2010-11 (4622.682 MU including CSEB)
  • The plant availability factor of machines achieved by Chiplima, Rengali, Upper Indravati & Upper Kolab is more than that is fixed by OERC, Bhubaneswar.
  • For the first time since inception, OHPC paid a dividend of Rs. 19.41 Crores to the State Government.
  • The R & M work of Unit – 1 of RHEP, Rengali progressed successfully during the year 2011-12 which was commercially re-synchronised on 31.05.2012.
  • OHPC Corporate Office and its two units Upper Indravati & Burla has been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • OHPC has been classified by the State Govt. as a 'GOLD' rated State PSU.
  • The PAC of the State Govt. accorded approval for taking up the R & M works of Unit - 5 & 6 of HHEP, Burla.
  • Different hydro power stations located in remote areas of the state has been connected to the Corporate office through Virtual Private Network (VPN) over a dedicated line.
  • All the store transactions such as Goods Issue, Goods Receipt and stores accounting has been automated.
  • All important Circulars, Notices and tenders were displayed in official website www.ohpcltd.com.
  • Scraps, unserviceable / unusable materials of the units worth over Rs. 16 crores were disposed off during the year in auction through MSTC..
  • In spite of poor rain fall and lower generation than the design energy, the corporation has earned net profit of about Rs. 67 crores.


  • Average availability of the Power Stations was 87.1% against the average standard of 85%.
  • Installation of Trash Rack Cleaning machine (TRCM) at Chiplima H.E.P for cleaning of weeds. As a result, the generation of CHEP has been maximized to 254.42 MU for the FY 2010-11.
  • The accounts of 2009-10 was audited, adopted and filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) within the statutory time limit (30th Sept.2010)

    • Average availability of the Power Stations was 86.22% against 82.37% in the previous year.
    • Inspite of a poor rainfall and consequent lower Power generation, the corporation earned profit of Rs.27.15 crores due to recovery of capacity charges on account of higher availability of machines.
    • The disputes and un-reconciled accounts since 1979-80 till 31.03.2009 of Machkund Joint H.E.P was fully reconciled and the amount due from APGENCO was realized during the year.
    • The renovation and modernization of Unit-I of RHEP Commenced w.e.f. 25th November 2009 as zero date.


    • Average availability of the Power Stations was 82.37% against 81.10% in the previous year.
    • Balimela extension Project comprising of unit-7 and Unit-8 each of 75 MW capacity were commissioned on 23.12.2008 and 23.01.2009 respectively.
    • The Joint Venture Company Baitarni West Coal Company Ltd., (BWCCL) was in corporated on 22.04.2008 and certificate for commencement business was obtained on 05.05.2008.


    • OHPC achieved an all time record power generation of 8025 MU and sale of 7909 MU which represents 43% of the total consumption of the State.
    • OHPC earned a record net profit of Rs.121.39 Crores after meeting its liabilities and income tax.
    • The Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India allotted Baitarni West Coal Block (602 MT) to OHPC, GPCL & KSEB vide letter dtd.25.07.2007. A new company namely Baitarni West Coal Company Ltd. was incorporated on 22/04/2008


    • OHPC achieved a record generation of power of 7541 MU. UIHEP achieved record generation of power of 3019 MU.
    • Cash profit achieved during the year was Rs.171.16 Crores.
    • A joint venture company namely Orissa Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.(OTPCL) was incorporated on 29.01.2007. OHPC and OMC hold 50% share capital of the JV company.


    • RM&U of Unit 3 & 4 of Burla after renovation and modernisation started commercial operation on 01.01.2006 with capacity addition of 16 MW.
    • The rotor pole repair work of all the four units of UIHEP were completed before the schedule.
    • The high interest bearing APDP loan of Rs. 19 Crores plus interest accured has been fully paid to the state govt. in January 2006.


    • Record Power Generation of 6868 MU is highest in the history of OHPC.
    • Power Generation in Balimela H.E.Project(1526MU) is the 2nd highest since its inception.
    • Energy sold (6726 MU), Turnover(Rs 274.94 cr.) and profit before depreciation (Rs. 169.90 cr.)
    • The Corporation has earned a profit( before tax) of Rs. 64.08 crores.
    • Realisation from GRIDCO (exceeding Rs. 280 crores) is the highest since inception of OHPC.


    • Capacity addition of 600 MW by commissioning 4 x 150 MW Upper Indravati Project.
    • Capacity addition of 24 MW during 1998 by Renovation Modernization and up-rating of Unit I & II of Burla Power House.
    • Establishment of VSAT communication link from Corporate office to Upper Indravati, Rengali and Balimela Project sites.
    • OHPC has been able to mobilize internal resources from its operation to the extent of Rs 280 Crores for the completed and on going projects and towards other capital expenditures.
    • Out of the term loan of Rs 495.37 Crores availed for the projects, it has repaid Rs 263.15 Crores to the lender PFC.