Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

Powering Green Energy
Sh Vishal Kumar Dev, IAS
Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Government, Sports & Youth
Services Department and Chairman-cum-Managing
Director, OHPC Ltd.

Rengali Power Plant Economics

Income Sch no. 2002-03 2001-02 2000-01 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07
Sale of power   Rs. 278,753,310 Rs.192,967,317 Rs.342,654,354 Rs.278,753,310 Rs.209,652,469 Rs.209,921,799 Rs.230,869,533
Other Income 10 Rs.   4,366,499 Rs.7,557,357 Rs.14,434,338 Rs.436,664,99 Rs.199,695,82 Rs.9,870,020 Rs.9,142,211
Total   Rs.283,119,809 Rs.200,524,674 Rs.357,088,692 Rs.283,119,809 Rs.229,622,051 Rs.2,197,918,19 Rs.2,400,117,44
Repair & Maintenance expenses 11 Rs.47,673,806 Rs.31,141,072 Rs.29,758,619 Rs.476,738,06 Rs.367,748,25 Rs.346,158,47 Rs.467,478,36
Operational expenses 12 Rs.3,230,201 Rs.2,314,620 Rs.7,436,066 Rs.32,30,201 Rs.4,657,342 Rs.5,360,100 Rs.5,212,796
Employee & other related cost 13 Rs.75,412,841 Rs.79,775,001 Rs.101,568,870 Rs.754,128,41 Rs.82,832,304 Rs.890,336,59 Rs.124,430,056
Administrative & General expenses 14 Rs.7,136,331 Rs.8,829,735 Rs.6,765,584 Rs.713,63,31 Rs.3,990,771 Rs.4,176,023 Rs.4,648,419
Interest & financial charges 15 Rs.8,945,930 Rs.8,945,930 Rs.8,945,930 Rs.89,459,30 Rs.8,945,930 Rs.8,945,930 Rs.8,945,930
Depreciation 05 Rs.114,082,517 Rs.114,405,926 Rs.114,408,412 Rs.114,082,517 Rs.114,326,064 Rs.114,352,447 Rs.114,469,499
Loss on sale of assets         0 Rs.2,567,881 Rs.8,226,92 0
Preliminary expenses written off   0 0 Rs.229,846 0 0   0
Less: Expenditure during construction 16       0 0   0
TOTAL:   Rs.256,481,626 Rs.245,412,284 Rs.269,113,327 Rs.2,564,816,26 Rs.2,540,951,17 Rs.2,573,066,698 Rs.3,044,545,36