Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

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Important Events

Stage -I



The Hirakud Scheme by Er. M Visveswaraya

1945 Agreement on unified development of the Mahanadi valley carried out between the Govt of Odisha and Eastern states.
1946 Foundation laying ceremony of the Hirakud Dam by Sri. Hawthome Lewis I.C.S , Govt. of Odisha.
13.4.1948 Foundation laid by Sri. Jawaharlal Nehru.
February 1949 Construction of the project commenced.
Aug 1948-Dec. 1994 Preliminary design of Hirakud dam by international Engineering Co. Danver, USA
March, 1952 Appointment of Hirakud Control Board
Nov. 1953 The presentation of revised estimate amounting to Rs. 70.78 Crores to the Control Board during its 7th meeting.
Aug. 1956 Hirakud dam completed
7.9.1956 Irrigation water let out in the right side main canal (Unit-3, 24MW)
18.12.1956 First hydro power plant commissioned.
13.01.1957 The project inaugurated by Sri. Jawahral Nehru.
13.05.1957 24MW, Unit -4 of Burla Power House Commissioned
11.11.1957 37.5MW, Unit – 2 of Burla Power House Commissioned
11.05.1957 37.5MW, Unit – 1 of Burla Power House Commissioned
Stage - II  
July, 1956 Chiplima scheme sanctioned
January, 1957 Civil construction work started
April, 1957 Electrical construction work started
19.04.1962 37.5 MW Generator No. 5 at Burla Power House Commissioned
July, 1962 Water let out in Power Channel
15.07.1962 24 MW Generator No. 1 at Chiplima Power House Commissioned
26.11.1962 24 MW Generator No. 2 at Chiplima Power House Commissioned
05.08.1963 37.5 MW Generator No. 6 at Burla Power House commissioned.
14.09.1963 Inauguration of the project by Dr. A.N. Khosla.
01.02.1964 24 MW Generator No. 3 at Chiplima Commissioned
Stage – III  
August, 1982 Hirakud stage III Project sanctioned by Planning Commission
March, 1983 Civil construction work started
Nov, 1986 Civil foundation work completed
March, 1987 Erection of draft tube gate, penstock gate, spiral casing completed
13.09.1990 37.5 MW Generator No. 7 at Burla Power House Commissioned.