Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

Powering Green Energy
Sri Bishnupada Sethi, IAS
Principal Secretary to Govt. of Odisha,
Energy Department and Chairman-cum-Managing
Director, OHPC Ltd.

Khatiguda (Water Conductor System)


The Kolab water after generation passes through a tailrace channel of 900 meters long with bed width 25 meters. This tailrace channel discharges the flow in to a small stream Sati nalla across which an earthen dam with a central spillway is constructed to impound a reservoir known as" Satiguda Pond". The Satiguda dam is a homogeneous earth dam of length 1144.15 meters and maximum height is 16.84 meters. The spillway is of central open type of 74 meters long and the maximum height from foundation is 22.50 meters.

Developed Head
Maximum Gross (FRL 642, TWL 263) 379 m.
Minimum Gross (MRRL 625, TWL 267) 358 m.
Water Ways
Head Race Channel Length 335 m.
Width, min 37.5 m.
Head Race Tunnel 7.0 m. I.D
Intake Level 621 m.
Shape Circular
Diametre 7.0 m.
Horizontal Inlet type with trash racks  
Gate size :  No / Width / Height 1 / 5.75 / 8 m.
Tunnel Length 3.934 KM
Design flow 210 Cum/sec
Lining Concrete 0.3 M.
Surge Tank: ( Restricted Orifice Type )
Diameter 20 M.
Height 132 M.
Max. Surge Level 670.9 M.
Minimum Surge Level 622.23 M
Bottom level of Surge Tank at C/S of Tunnel 585.220 M
Bottom level of Surge Tank excluding C/S of Tunnel 593.42 M
Lining Thickness RCC, 0.45 M.
Pressure Tunnels :
Nos. 02
Length 298 M.
Diameter 5.25 M.
Bottom level of pressure tunnel 586.095 M
Lining Thickness (Steel Liner ASTM 537)
(Class-2 with stiffener)
0.3 M.
Liner Plate thickness 16 mm.
Penstock         Nos. 04
Diameter 3.5 m.
(Steel shell ASTM 537, Class II shell)
790 m.
Plate thickness                    Maximum 45 mm.
                                            Minimum 22 mm.
Tail Race Channel :
Base Level 260 m.
Length 9 KM
Width, Bed Maximum 20 m.
  Minimum 18 m.
Concrete Lining thickness 0.15 m.
Discharge 210 Cum./Sec
Depth at Maximum flow 5.0 m.
By pass Tunnel at Right Dyke No. III
Bed level 620 M
Shape Horse Shoe
Length 254 M
Maximum Dia 3.5 M


Since the reservoir will cover four different sub basins of the river Indravati and its tributaries, link channels will be provided to ensure that when drawn, the reservoir does not become isolated pools. There are two such channels Guntrukhal and Kusumpadar. Guntrukhal link canal is 1.523 m long and has a bed elevation of 613 m. Kusumpadar is 1.550 m. long with a bed elevation of 620 m. These works have been completed.


Water for power generation will be taken from the reservoir by an intake structure near the upper reach of the reservoir. It will pass through a Head Race Tunnel 7.0 m. in diameter and 30934 m. long designed for 210 Cumecs of flow. Upon reaching a surge chamber, the tunnel gets divided into two pressure tunnels of 5.25 m diameter each leading to Valve House. Four penstock of 3.50 m. diameter, descend from valve house to power turbine driving 4 Nos. of 150 MW Generators. The Power House discharges into a Tail race channel of 9 Km. length to discharge into Hati Pond near Village Mangalpur for irrigation. The penstock work has been completed. The commercial Power Generation from Unit-I, Unit-II, Unit-III and Unit-IV is going on.


The work of silt check dam upto RL 626M is completed by M/s. TSS(JV). Balance portion of silt check dam from RL 626.00M to 640.00M and excavation of link cut at Kokelpadar which was executed by M/s D.D. Builders has also been completed. Damages has been occurred to the silt check dam during the monsoon year 2003 – 04. As per special conditions of the contract, the agency has to make good to the damages at his own cost and to excavate the link cut up to RL 630.00mtr. But the agency did not pay any heed to restore the damage work as also to excavate the link cut channel and file a writ petition in Honourable High Court for release of his withheld amount. A notice on writ petition No. 15512/08 of Honourable High Court of Orissa has been served to the Agency M/s. DD Builders on the approval of Corporate Office. Action is being taken to close the contract as per relevant clause of the agreement.


An emergency irrigation outlet is provided in the right dyke No.3 providing utp 100 m3 /s of water of the Hati Barrage pond when the power house is not generating. It consists of an intake set deep in the reservoir and a 3.5m diameter tunnel 250m.long discharging to a natural channel leading to the Hati river and the barrage po9nd. The work has been completed